About Us

Assumption Medical Diagnostic Center, Inc. has provided quality outpatient healthcare for over 21 years and still counting. It was founded in 1996 with a mission to promote education and quality testing procedures in laboratory medicine, imaging services and cardiac procedures.

AMDC, Inc. is an accredited facility located at VFM Building, Assumption Road, Baguio City (adjacent to Session Road). It houses the clinical laboratory and imaging department on the first floor, the cardiac department, stone center and some specialty clinics on the second floor and additional specialty clinics on the third floor.

AMDC, Inc. aims to lead in medical services. It offers automated laboratory services and state of the art equipment for imaging and cardiac procedures. Over a thousand physicians within and outside Baguio utilizes AMDC’s services.

AMDC, Inc. with its aspiration to serve more patients and to expand its services, a branch was put up at La Trinidad, Benguet in 2001. And in 2006, an Endoscopy Unit was opened at SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart.

With the medical technology that is rapidly evolving, AMDC, Inc. strives to achieve both basic and clinical research using skills and expertise to support the creation of new knowledge.

Assumption Medical Diagnostic Center, Inc. prides itself in providing the highest possible quality services by well trained staff committed to the innovation and provision of advanced and comprehensive medical services, giving special attention to the patient’s well being.

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